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We have been encapsulating the memories for Flagstaff and Arizona for over a decade. We approach photography with love, fun and care for each memory framed through our lenses. Photography is more than the image produces, it is the vehicle that allows us into a place where memories that last a lifetime are made. We are honored at Set Apart Photography to be welcomed into these moments with you to deliver what words cannot describe.

“As a wife and mother of two children, I know the busy life of a family and the expenses that arise, but I believe that these opportunities to speak to our future generations through timeless images should not be overlooked. The magic produced from a ring sliding onto a finger and honesty of the tears slipping down the brides cheek only happen in a short window. The illustrious looks of your new born taking theirĀ first looks at the parents who will help guide them through life cannot be reproduced in a bubble. Our hope is to provide more than a service with something that will touch your heart or bring you laugh for years to come and to pass on for the next generation.”

Jen Slover

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Beautiful Photography For Life's Best Moments

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